rescs:dash/datadownload/DataDownloadShape leaf node



Data download


A dataset in downloadable form.

Target Classes (1)


@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix schema: <> .
@prefix sh: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .

<> a sh:NodeShape ;
    rdfs:label "Data download"^^xsd:string ;
    rdfs:comment "A dataset in downloadable form."^^xsd:string ;
    sh:and ( [ sh:node <> ] [ sh:property [ sh:description "A technique or technology used in a [[Dataset]] (or [[DataDownload]], [[DataCatalog]]), corresponding to the method used for measuring the corresponding variable(s) (described using [[variableMeasured]]). This is oriented towards scientific and scholarly dataset publication but may have broader applicability; it is not intended as a full representation of measurement, but rather as a high level summary for dataset discovery. For example, if [[variableMeasured]] is: molecule concentration, [[measurementTechnique]] could be: \\\"mass spectrometry\\\" or \\\"nmr spectroscopy\\\" or \\\"colorimetry\\\" or \\\"immunofluorescence\\\". If the [[variableMeasured]] is \\\"depression rating\\\", the [[measurementTechnique]] could be \\\"Zung Scale\\\" or \\\"HAM-D\\\" or \\\"Beck Depression Inventory\\\". If there are several [[variableMeasured]] properties recorded for some given data object, use a [[PropertyValue]] for each [[variableMeasured]] and attach the corresponding [[measurementTechnique]]." ;
                        sh:maxCount 1 ;
                        sh:name "measurementTechnique" ;
                        sh:or ( [ sh:datatype xsd:string ] [ sh:nodeKind sh:IRI ] ) ;
                        sh:path schema:measurementTechnique ] ] ) ;
    sh:targetClass schema:DataDownload .